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Own Your Magnificence

& Thrive
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Hello Brilliant Soul-Traveler! 

If you've landed on this site, there is no doubt you are divinely called at this time to discover and embody the Truth of who you are, ready to unleash your unique gifts and talents for the world and THRIVE! And how about experiencing more love, joy, wonder, and dare we say FUN along the way?!  

BTW, we are doing a little happy dance right now...just knowing what can unfold for you... YAHOO!!


It's time...

to answer the call, beckoning you to more...all while experiencing the freedom to create greater vitality, a sense of Divine purpose, rapid progress, and joyful fulfillment in the areas that truly matter most to you! 


This may be:

a business expansion, health and well-being breakthroughs, attracting or deepening a relationship connection, or perhaps launching a passion project for contribution to the world......

Or how about, all of the above?! 


The great news: YOU get to choose--and you deserve nothing less...


The possibilities are truly infinite!  


And how about flowing effortlessly into these experiences with greater trust AND less fear, doubt, struggle, pain and overwhelm? 

Yes, Please!! 


And so if your heart and soul are singing a resounding hallelujah right now, go ahead and break into your brightest smile-- because YOU ARE IN THE RIGHT PLACE!


Get ready to embark on an incredible journey together as we align mind, body and breath with inspired action, all while integrating the best of cutting edge energy medicine techniques and practices, alchemized with transformational technologies to champion your greatest expression......mindfully and gracefully sourced from your Divine Wisdom. 


The end result? Inspired living and greater impact, especially in these unprecedented times!  


We are thrilled for you to join our community of Conscious, Heart-Centered, Soulful Change-makers, ready to embark on this Grand Adventure!

The time is now to....

Own Your Magnificence and Thrive!

Much Love & Joy, Janette

"Everything that happens in my life is always in my favor

and I created it on some higher level of my consciousness

for the purpose of discovering my own Magnificence ."

-Dr. Sue Morter~The Energy Codes


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with other Heart and Soul-Centered Difference Makers! Together we build community support and THRIVE!

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and ignite your true call to adventure, growth and next level impact

through monthly immersion.

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Elite Magnificence 1:1

Unleash your Soul's

next level of expression and impact

with exclusive 1:1 coaching and mentoring with Janette!

Ciao, I'm Janette

~So thrilled you're here!

It is truly my deepest joy and privilege to serve as a catalyst and champion of your Soul's greatest expression, so you can discover the truth of who you authenitcally are, and experience living the wild, free and joyfully fulfilled life you were born to live...


...while making the impact you most desire!


For more than two and a half decades I have been honored and humbled to guide tens of thousands of patients, families, conscious professionals and many organizations in creating extraordinary outcomes as an award winning speech-language pathologist, certified Life Mastery Consultant with the BraveThinking Institute, Women Centered Coaching Professional with Dr. Claire Zamit, and a Certified Energy Codes Facilitator with Dr. Sue Morter’s Institute for Bioenergetics.

And I know I can do the same for YOU!

So take a deep belly breath and relax.

You are in the right place...

I can’t wait to see what emerges for you next as you

Own Your Magnificence!


“Don’t ask what the world needs.

Ask what makes you come alive, and go do it.   

Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.”


― Howard Thurman

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